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Default Re: drum dial or tama tension watch

Originally Posted by Bill Stevenson View Post
The Drum Dial is a device that measures the deflection of the head. As you tighten the tension rods the deflection of the head decreases. The idea with it is to get the tension even all the way around the head. It provides a very fast way to get in the ball park with each drum and then use your ears to fine tune. It also helps you get consistent results. Both the DD and the Tama have been on the market for years and work quite well.
First and real quick... If you are the Bill Stevenson who played with Black Flag and Decedents, then I'm just going to mention that you're one of my heroes, and leave it at that.

And then regardless if you are that Bill Stevenson, or not, I'd like to ask if you have tried both the DD and the Tension Watch, and prefer one over the other. The "tunebot" thing just seems a little too fancy and bulky to throw in my cymbal bag and haul around, but I've been wanting to get a dial for a while now so I can get things into ballpark quicker when changing a head at some bar/venue or whatever.
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