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Default Re: Help A Poor Country Boy Post A Pic !

You got the part that your image file must be a .jpg, right? And you need to keep them under 100k for size.

Whatever image editor you have, just re-size the picture until it is well under 100k, save it to your desktop as a .jpg file and then you can upload it from there. That's how I do it.

You don't have to physically re-size the picture either, just go into it and change the 'dpi' settings. For example, if it's a printable file, it'll be 300 dpi. If you change that to 72 dpi, it'll shrink it down but it will keep it's same physical size (i.e., if you made it a 5x7 to begin with, it will stay that size). To post a picture on a computer screen doesn't require all those dots that you would need if you were going to make a print on paper with it.

I hope I just didn't confuse you even more ;)
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