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Default Re: Internet censorship

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
That's my point exactly.You heard a story,about a magic bullet.That story was the crux of the Oliver Stone movie RFK,about HIS version of the Kennedy assination.It's actually,just a story,with no probative value,and no real ballistic evidence ,to give it any value.Just another "what if".

Kennedy and Oswald,not Ruby,were examined by the same Dr..Thats because,he was the only forensic medical examiner,the hospital had.

As far as believing everything they tell me,no I don't.I believe ony half of what I see,and almost none of what I read.,and nothing a politician says.I need multiple sources of credible informatin,before I form an opinion,as to the probable truth of any situation.

The only absolute truth is.....there is NO absolute truth.Almost ,no ,beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Steve B
Yes, Oswald, not Ruby, I got it mixed up. I don't know much more than what the movie and a few PBS/Science Channel specials told me. The Hollywood movie, JFK, which I'm sure had to be dramatized to sell tickets, is just that, a Hollywood movie. We'll never know the real truth. After awhile nobody will care anymore. I certainly don't, but it does leave me with a bad taste in the mouth so-to-speak.
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