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Default Help A Poor Country Boy Post A Pic !

I'm using this section as everyone's encouraged to post their pics, so I know that ya'll are accomplished posters of pics.

When I attempt to post a pic, I click on the 'Insert Image' symbol, and a Drummer World pop up asks me to insert an URL. I have many pics on my pc, none of them appear to have a URL, I thought that URL's are internet address's?

So what am I doing wrong? . . .how do I get a pic from my desktop, or pictures folders (something I've done many times before posting on other websites).

Normally your given the choice of browsing through what exists on your pc or lap top, then you just click on 'Open' and it's uploaded.

But not so here! . . . . . . .please help this poor country boy!

Many, many thanks!
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