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Default Re: Really Long Boom Arms?

Originally Posted by Drumsinhisheart View Post
Ludwig LM931BCS. I've had them for a couple decades now. Great buy. You can't get any more reach from a telescopic boom.
Thanks Drumsinhisheart! . . . .yes I've just checked it out, like the 800 Yammy it's top of the range, and a real handsome piece of engineering, also expensive and very heavy! . .. .but like all the other manufactures, they're too coy to say how long the boom is.

I was hoping to get light single braced stuff, pref Yamaha, so that I'm confident that they will accept the DTX pads. You maybe have gathered that I'm not knowledgeable regarding the various hardware fitting's and compatibly between manufactures.

Guess it's time I called Yamaha UK, and got someone to measure their range of boom stands, before I become an inmate in a long term institution.

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