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Default Re: Really Long Boom Arms?

Originally Posted by johnnylaw View Post
Yamaha makes a long boom with a counter-weight on the butt end for added stability.

I have a 700 series Yammie boom stand with a parallel clamp attached with a regular tilter top attached. There are two twenty inch rides securely supported by this apparatus, I'm not sure why you'd need something longer unless your cymbals are scattered far and wide. Cymbal pads would be even lighter I would think.
Hi johnnylaw, yes I've seen that Yamaha with the counter-weight boom, it's the 8oo series I believe, a real heavy weight, with double everything, but you know Yamaha don't say how long the boom arm is, although all the other specs are given. It looks like it might be their longest boom, but pics can be deceiving, I will be buying sight unseen, two of each,so I want to get it right! . . .I

The 700 series don't disclose the boom arm length either ( I think the 600 stated their long boom is only 12", which would make things too tight for me) I've asked Yamaha on the Facebook to clarify, but their response was less than helpful.

If I could upload my pic from my desktop it might explain what I'm trying to achieve. But this option doesn't seem to be available when I'm posting, it asks me to enter an URL, but I've seen pics on here that people must have uploaded from their PC's, so what am I missing?

Anyway! . . .Would you be kind enough to tell me how long the boom arm is on your 700 stand? . . .and at the risk of sounding like a complete ********, is a parallel clamp anything like a multi-clamp? . . . . . .

Basically I just need to be able to hang a DTX pad, and cymbal off the same stand, But I want the choice of really good separation between the two. If only I could show you the pic, you'd see what I'm bitchin' about !
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