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Default Re: David Byrne: 'The internet will suck all creative content out of the world'

If 1m plays on pandora yields $17 for the artist (and that's very sad), I wonder what pandora take.

I didn't read that Derek Roddy article but from what was said I think the same way. The 20th century were the golden years for succesful bands but I think those years corrupted music and gave us today's horrible pop. And I think the Internet is so saturated with everything that trying to find success there is almost a waste of time.

The concept of so many people listening to the same rendition of the same song, by the same artist, concerts of grand scale and even the concept of an album is an invention and are artificial and so they can falter.

I don't listen to any radio and I won't own a tv because I find the amount of advertising offensive and embarrassing and don't understand how people just sit there and take it. If plenty more people were like me I think this marketing bubble might burst and we might see a more genuine pop culture but I'm not paying any attention.
I don't have spotify but I discover music on youtube, but audio quality isn't great so it doesn't end there. I download music to a point but once I've fallen for a band I will buy their albums the day they come out, rip them on my pc and put them in my cupboard. I'm supporting them and maybe part of me thinks I'm playing a part in the "natural selection" of music.

Nothing really original but there's my 2c.
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if not for my own "self-indulgent rubbish" what else is the internet good for?
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