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Default Re: The death of Rock n Roll?

Stone Temple Pilots is NOT an actionable phrase, therefor still cool.

I like a little fuzz in my music, but I'm just tired of hearing distorted guitars playing power chords. I listened to Metallica and Slayers for 25 freakin' years, man. I do hear some cool Metal here and there and I like some of it for the creativity factor much in the same way one would look at a Dali painting. But my band is trying to be just as creative in a different sort of way by pushing the boundaries of our own playing and searching for a sound that we can call our own using mostly clean amps and a positive vibe to the music. But that's just us. We're hippies! I think rock will survive. Teenage angst will always manifest its way into music, and I don't think it's gonna be all lollipops and flowers. I know, I was a teenager once. Tool will be coming out with a new album hopefully next year and it will once again give rock n' roll that shot in the arm it needs in this generation.
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