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I've been using an assortment of evans heads and I've been very pleased with all of them....g1 clear, g2 clear, ec2 sst, emad....I just bought a Tom pack of the 360 g2 variety and dropped one on a ludwig 12" rack and I did immediately notice how well it fit on the bearing edge and it sure did seem to tune up fast and respond with a deep resonant tone.

I will not say that the tone was any better than the nominal g2, but I do feel I got where I wanted faster. I've been very very happy with evans heads on everything with one exception...

I prefer the Remo coated ambassador on snare batter....they wear faster, but that is what I like about my ears they have a more, I dunno, elastic feel....the coated g1 lasts longer but has a plasticky sort of attack and a stiffer feel....
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