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Okay, I just finished replacing the heads on my Yamaha kit. My Ddrums had the level 360s, and sounds great with them. I figure I could only get better results with my better kit.

I went with G1 over G1 for my 12" rack tom, and G2 over G1 for my 16" floor tom. Mahogany shells, so they naturally have a fairly short sustain.

The first thing I noticed was tunability, immediately. When I made the switch on my Ddrums, the difference didn't seem that huge, but those drums are kind of tough to tune in general. My Yamaha kit was kind of a pain to tune with the pinstripes over ambassadors, but with these new heads, it was a breeze. It only took me about 2-3 minutes per head to swap it out and tune it up. THAT is incredible.

I've never heard my Yamahas sound so good before. My rack tom sounded kind of dead, but now it sings for days, and the same goes for my floor tom. I couldn't be happier with these heads.

I'd like to thank EvansSpecialist for continuing to recommend a product that he believes in, even when I was reluctant and stubborn. You have a new believer.
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