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Default Re: rods for lower volume?

My first modification would be to lose the whiners...nothing worse than band members that complain about sound levels. Why drive yourself nuts and be unhappy not being able to enjoy yourself and/or be true to your style.

If you are set on working with the band, you can notch down to a jazz 18x14 kick/14" floor and 12" rack...put a down blanket in the kick, put a t-shirt or small pillow inside the toms and then trigger; deaden to taste/whiner requirement. Tune the kick batter up some for better feel; only let the internal tom deadening touch the reso head inside

You will be able to hit the shit out of your drums, the acoustics and feel will be good for you and the overall band sound can be controlled through use of the triggers and a decent brain unit.

Those sticks look very cool too....I need to try those at home.

Don't ask me why I know all this

Originally Posted by braincramp View Post
Thanks for the suggestions..I will try tuning them down just above mudding and see if it helps..those sticks look like something worth trying also
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