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Ok kids.The last round that hit Kennedy,was the same caliber as the first,6.5 mm Carcano,the same caliber,fired by the Mannlicher/Carcano rifle,which was found at the scene.Also recoverad at the scene were 3 discharged shell casings,in 6.5 MM carcano caliber.

The ballistic evidence recovered in the form of discharged bullets/projectiles,both primary and secondary,was 6.5mm carcano caliber.The metal jacket of the 6.5 mm carcano rifle,that Osawald used,was surplus WW II ,Italian ammo,which can be identified the the case head stamp.This ammo is brass case,cupro/nickel(bullet) jacketed ammo,NOT the currently used 5.56 MM FULL metal jacket mil. spec ammo,carried by the SS.Those rounds,are also COPPER jacketed...NOT cupro/nickel.No copper jacked ballistic evidence was recovered.

The 5.56mm or .223 caliber of the M-16(AR-15) which was a smaller caliber.Hollowpoints or more accurately,controlled expansion bullets,were barely in developement at the time,and only used in civilian bolt action and semi auto rifles.this was due to many failure to feed and jamming in semi and full auto modes.Only full metal case ammo was issued to the military,and law there was NO hollowpoint ammo involved.BTW,.hollowpoint bullets DON'T do what most people think they do,dispite TV,movies,and some idiot reporter on the 6 o'clock news or some anti-gun pundit.

The 6.5 mm carcano round,fires a 162 grain(bullet weight),round nose,cupro/nickel jacketed bullet,and has a muzzel velocity of over 2300 feet per second,and over 1850-1900 foot pounds of energy.,and is effective at over 800 yards.More than enough to open up a human skull at even a few hundred yards.

The 5.56mm bullet by contrast is 62 grains,3100 fps@1300 ft.lbs.No 5.56mm discharged shell casings were recovered at the primary,or secondary scene

And yes,I am an expert in ballistics and firearms.It's what I did for 7 years in the NYPD.

I was also not quite sure about the evidence in the Kennedy assisination,so for two years,I poured over all the available evidence,as well as the Warren Commission report.

Sorry conspiracy theorists,but only one man shot Kennedy,and that was Oswald,with a WW II surplus Italian military rifle. The scene was reconstructed several times,in simulated and live fire situations,and it was repeated over and over.Those 3 shots,were fired by one man,were certainly possible and repeatable,given the same circumstances and equipment.

The evidence dosen't lie,and everything else is unproven theories.Period.There is so substanciated evidence to the contrary,that holds ANY probative value.

PS..we also actually DID go to the moon,and there was no 9/11 conspiracy...I was there at ground zero,inhaling avation fuel.No holograms,no missles,no death rays.

Steve B

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