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Default Re: Internet censorship

Originally Posted by MrInsanePolack View Post
My daughter is not an adult. She is not of proper age to consent to sex. She knows what it is and how it works, but is not emotionally grown up enough to know what to do with or completely understand it.

Violence has no age of consent. She must be allowed to understand the horrors of the world, and how to protect herself from it. She must also be able to identify it, and act accordingly when the situation presents itself. After all, kids are targets too.

Kids are not stupid. They know what goes on in the world. I would rather they be informed and prepared than sheltered and clueless. By not teaching our kids about the world, aren't we just setting them up for failure, or a false sense of reality and security at the very least?
Agree with all that but let's be honest here....we're not talking about a 14 year old child being sat in the front of the TV watching self-defence programmes...I'm not exactly sure what that is all supposed to teach them??

We're talking about kids watching gratuitously violent films, and getting stuck into a bit of slaughter on Grand Theft Auto.

Not for a second saying that's YOUR daughter....I'm talking generally....this is what 14 year old kids are doing often (naturally with exceptions).

As I said...I fully understand why you'd not want your child viewing porn. Absolutely. Nor would I (as stated)....the bit I can't understand is that you'd be comfortable with them viewing violence...I don't get that.

But to each their own
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