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Default Re: Internet censorship

The trajectory matches up, that is for sure. There is no doubt that a .223/5.56 HP fired from an AR-15 from maybe 25 yards away would cause that much damage. What I want to know is did anyone recover the bullet casing? I know casings were recovered at the scene, and an AR-15 tosses its case a good ways after the rifle cycles. The casing would have left the car, and the way the weapon works, there is no way for it to not eject the spent case. Also, even though an AR-15 is a highly accurate weapon in the hands of a trained individual, it still requires a competent shooter. The chances of the weapon being accidentally fired and scoring such a precision shot seems a bit iffy to me.

I'm not arguing the theory, actually I find all the different theories quite entertaining and plausable in their own ways. The unfortunate problem is that we will never really know what happened at this point. It is quite interesting though.
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