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Originally Posted by opentune View Post

Larry, I saw an in-depth show the other night (with a full laser survey/analysis of crime scene and a skull reconstruction) that pretty much convinced me there was no shot from the grassy knoll and only shots from the direction of the book repository.
The first bullet to hit JFK was in his neck and went clean through. The fatal bullet was a hollow point bullet, based on the shrapnel evidence in the brain, and from the trajectory of the entrance and exit wound, it negates the grassy knoll and the school book depository. In the car directly behind JFK, the SS guys had a rifle loaded with hollow point bullets. Pictures bear this out. Also the SS guys were out drinking till 5 in the morning that day. So they were sleep deprived, and the handling of the rifle was given to a guy who was basically just a driver, and untrained, because the rest of the guys were sleep deprived and probably still buzzed. The mans name was George Hickey. The trajectory of the fatal shot was consistent with a bullet that originated from where George Hickey was standing up in the convertible following the President. The crux of the whole show I saw was that it appears to have been an accident, with George Hickey as the guy who accidentally shot the President. I don't believe the SS would assassinate JFK, if that was their intention, in front of all those people and all those cameras. That's just plain dumb. I do believe that Oswald shot the neck shot. I do believe he intended to kill him. Oswald's bullets went clean through JFK's neck into the Governor, so they couldn't have been hollow point.

If the neck shot was a hollow point bullet, it should have blown the front of his neck out. There was radio opaque material throughout JFK's brain, consistent with a hollow point bullet. Also there were many reports of the smell of gunpowder at street level. A very interesting theory that I wanted to explore more.

The SS's own internal paperwork went missing right afterwards of course. So there are new theories out.
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