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Default Re: Internet censorship

Originally Posted by MrInsanePolack View Post
I don't really think so. My guidance as a parent involves communication, it is a two way street between me and my child. If something comes up that she is curious about or doesn't understand, I do my best to be as open and informative as I can. She then weighs what we have talked about and makes her own judgement call based upon the information given. But in order to have these discussions, she has to be allowed access to everything. I don't want her to grow up with a false sense of reality. The world is a harsh place, and I feel that as parents the only way to prepare our children for it is by not hiding reality from them. Guidance is just that, helping your child understand what is acceptable and what is not. After that the decision is up to them. Censorship is removing something completely, and labeling it as unacceptable for human consumption. It comes prepackaged with the idea that some things are wrong regardless of reason or intelligent thought. I just can't accept that.
But at the end of the day pornography (normal pornography....with obvious and clear exceptions) is just sex between two consenting adults.

It's your must bring her up how you see fit.

But I find it utterly incomprehensible that on the one hand you are saying "no porn", yet on the other you seemingly sound fairly relaxed about things like violence.

My children are now both old enough to decide what they want to do (18 and 21) so I've passed this particular period....but had I taken a forensic look at either of their laptops when they were 14,15, 16 or whatever I would have been slightly more disturbed had I discovered an 'interest' in beheadings than an interest in two people shagging (which I don't mean to imply I would have consented to my kids watching porn I should add)

And I know that there IS a quite clear line between sort of 'acceptable' porn and the nasty stuff but then the same can be said of watching the Sopranos, and moving on to real life beheadings within the Mexican drug cartels online.

Just my thoughts.

I did, to add, take Grand Theft Auto off my son when he was younger as I considered it 'sick'.

I also consider there to be nowhere near enough censorship in modern life both in terms of TV, and the internet. I am no prude by the way.
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