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Default Re: Internet censorship

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
Censorship will exist as long as my politics or religion differ from yours which is why both are censored on this website. All societies have rules. As for yelling fire, the idea is to prevent injury before it occurs not just hold someone accountable.
In retrospect,I should have made my post,clearer ,as I feel some have taken it the wrong way.This is about accountability,but more to do with state of mind,and intent.If your intent was to save lives,and there is actually a fire,then you were acting in good faith.

The example I use ,has been used as an example of the limitations of constitutional freedoms.If someone were to run into a crowded theatre,and yell "FIRE".....there acually has to be a fire,which would represent a danger to all the occupants.In this instance,the person yelling "FIRE",is acting reasonably.and trying to save lives.

If you were to do the same thing,and there was no fire,and no danger to the occupants,the person yelling FIRE,is creating a dangerous condition,and legally,has no right to do so.

Then ,clearly,that person though it was all a joke,and either did,or didn't think about the occupants becoming injured ,during an evacuation.

In that instance,and in that instance ONLY,is the person yelling "fire" acting in an unreasonable manner,and committing a violation of civil and criminal law,with depreved indifference to human life.

You may still think ,that you can still yell fire ,anytime you want,but you'd be mistaken,and there is case law as well as municiple,state and federal laws ,that will bear this out.NY State Penal law "Reckless Endangerment" is one such law.

NYPD officers in the 6 month academy,study city,state and constitutional law,which is fully,1/3 of the curriculum.The example of the man yelling fire,is used as an example of an individual NOT having a right to freedom of speech do so,under all circumatances.

I'm just the messenger.

Steve B
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