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Default Re: Harry - OFF-SET vs. Sleishman

Well, it started years ago, at a NAMM show.
I got my feet on an Off-Set ..... and a Sonor. And I went back and forth, for 3 days, playing them both. And I also met Charlie. I actually liked the Off-Set better than the Sonor. So when I found one on eBay, I pulled the trigger. Had that, for a couple of years.
A few years later, at another NAMM, I finally got my feet on a Sleishman. And met those folks, also. And somehow, the Sleishman just felt better. Maybe the fact that it doesn't rely on drive shafts. It's not as heavy feeling, as it looks. I think the "original" was made somewhere around 71/74 .... so they've been developing and improving it, for around 40 years.
Mostly, I'm a single pedal guy. Yamaha Direct Drive (Flying Dragon). But, when I want to go double, I pull out the Sleishman.
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