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Default Re: Internet censorship

Originally Posted by harryconway View Post
Well, I'm not sure what video you are referring to. I looked up "Kennedy Assassination", and a whole bunch of videos are out there. One's 15 minutes long. So .... why one got pulled? Who knows.
I know one thing that Youtube pulls videos for, is copyright infringement. Could maybe be that.
I was looking for videos that run counter to the Warren Commission report. Oh all kinds of videos pop up, for sure. But if you try to view them it tells you that this video has been removed. There were at least a dozen of them that I tried that were removed. One I tried viewing was called LBJ's wife tells the truth about the Kennedy assassination. That's not a copyright issue like putting a cover song up, that's blocking information in violation of our 1st amendment rights. At least that's my view of the matter. My latest favorite quote is "A patriot is a person who protects his country from his government". Or something close to that.

If the YT owners pulled it....that's different. Their site, their rules. But if pressure came from government sources to pull the videos...I'm not OK with that. That's where a line needs to be drawn.

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Once again it's assumed that the government is running the joint when it's just the errand boy.

Most online places are privately owned and each owner decided their own rules and effectively acts as censors.
So humor me a second here. If the government...through untraceable benign channels, put pressure on the owners of YT to pull the vid....are you OK with that?
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