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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

If you don't mind Thomas i'll add my perspective, please take from it what you will.

I am 26 and have been a 'pro' musician for 6 years and it hasn't been easy. There have been many times in my short career where i have felt at a dead end both creatively and professionally. Certain things have helped me continue to push forward. Firstly keep practicing, learning and getting lessons. Learning new things will breathe fresh life into your playing and allow you to meet new musicians.

Secondly get both of Todds DVDs as they are great also I would recommend getting Zoro's book The Big Gig. The book is full of stories of world class musicians who find themselves in the same position as you including one where a sax player finished a world tour with Michael Jackson and ended up back in NY playing weddings and all the usual everyday musician things. After 2 years of this with no other 'big gig' he was almost ready to quit but stuck at it with a little help from Zoro. Couple of months later Sting phones and he ends up being his sax player. 2 steps back for one big leap forward.

This book really clarified a few things when I was in the same position a couple of years back. I got fired from a band that was with really close friends and besides being financially hard was a massive knock to my confidence. I had to take a couple of steps back to re-evaluate and work even harder.

Finally i believe you make your own luck through hard work and getting out there playing (something I am not great at and will be rectified this year) so hit up some jams, meet some new people and make some music. Maybe the band you want and will take you where you want to be in will be made up guys you meet playing weddings?

Another story which may help

The same band i was fired from recorded our demo at a local studio. The studio owner and I hit it off continued to do other stuff together with various bands over time and about 2 weeks after i got fired a room became available for rent in his studio and i took it.

Couple months after that some guy is in the studio editing and we get chatting. Turns out it's an Aussie guitarist who works with Kylie Minogue and loads of other cool guys. He goes about his business and we meet a couple of more times throughout the year and then my original band need a keys player. Put a thing on FB and he says he would be up for! he's a monster player and producer and knows loads of people. So our album now has guests that I would never have contact with. When it is done it might be sent of to Roland, Sony etc
He also got me an Edinburgh Fringe show which he was playing on and that bought me a new car.

All because my wedding band needed a studio and the one we used was the only one available.

Hopefully my brain dump has helped slightly.


P.S Todd awesome work on those DVD's some of my favourites!

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