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Default Re: US geography as done by the Brits

Originally Posted by Naigewron View Post
...and Europe isn't even a country. How about labelling a map of the UK or any other country outside the US? :-)

I could probably correctly place about 10 states in the US (maybe not even that), mostly through either having been there or because the state is well-known through some sort of media (movie, TV show, book, etc). I can't remember ever being taught about US states in school, which makes sense. Geographically there's no reason to know more about US states than the states or counties of any other country.
That's what I find funny about it. Why would anyone outside the US know where the states are on a map? Like I said, people here can't even do it.

I said Europe and not the UK, as the number of states is closer to the number of countries in Europe as opposed to the 4 in the UK.
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