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Por Favoré, I have recently returned form Malaysia. And in a drum store somewhere in Damansara, I accidentally found the L348TH. I didn't expect it to be there, even the shop keeper didn't know that they had it on display. I literally ran towards it, lowered the cushion to as low as it can go and asked the shop keeper for a measuring tape. Surprisingly, it can go to a minimum height of 16.5", which is much lower than the information that I got from the Portugese website. The cushion felt very comfortable compared to the leather ones in the store. Costs RM230, which is about U$72. Compared to if I purchase it online, which I can get for U$65, plus $50 for FedEx shipping. So I saved, U$43!!!

As soon as I got home, I found out that if I remove the locking mechanism, I can further reduce the height to 16.2"! And once I sat my ass down on it, my body weight pressed it to 16"! It's so unbelievable that an atheist drummer would suddenly believe in God! Hopefully not Zeus . . .

Best $ well spent. Now I can practice my Bucket-of-fish and Chicken-Tika proudly.
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