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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hi Thomas,

Sorry to hear of your situation and frustrations but know they are very common and you are not alone! So it's important to realize that suffering for your art is common through the ages. I have a large section in my first Methods and Mechanics DVD where I talk about how I always felt it was easier to steer the course of my own career by being freelance and not putting all my eggs in one basket with a band, or putting my career in the hands of others. Now I was in bands trying to "make it" back in the 90s but I always had one foot in and one out--and doing as many gigs with as many different people in many different styles. I knew that one of those things would lead to something somewhere. In my case it lead to a very successful session run I had coming up the ranks starting around '92. And the guy who handled my gear from sessions was ultimately the one who recommended me for a session with Styx. Long story, obviously….

Not trying to be a snake oil salesman here but in both of my DVDs I lay out concepts for success in your actions relating to gigs, getting on with others, traveling, session etiquette, and a multitude of things I learned in doing this for 40 plus years. And the drum stuff should keep you busy and sending you down avenues of practice for a good long while. So when someone comes to me for advice, I layer it all out in 9 hours of my DVDs.

Take a break, get centered, get out of your comfort zone, and get to work. And start meeting and playing with many musicians….then in time you will have a full schedule. Give yourself a few years to build it up. But don't give up! Never!

Hope that helps. Hang in there-
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