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Default Re: Internet censorship

I guess,just as long as you apply the "reasonable man" rule to free speech and freedom of the press.If you were truly free to say what your wanted,where you wanted,then you could go into a crowded theatre and scream "FIRE".

What happens when you do that?Is it likely that some people with be injured or killed in the ensuing rush to get out?Was there a reasonable expectation that someone would be injured or killed? Of course there is.

But thankfully, you can't do that legally,and would be both civily and criminally liable. .There has to be some common sense application of restrictions,and laws,decided upon by reasonable men.Once those laws or restrictions,become unreasonable,then people have the right to change them,by due process.

Is it a perfect system.....hell no.Show me one that's better.

Steve B
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