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Default Re: Internet censorship

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
I kind of hoped the internet would be a last bastion of freedom. What the hell was I thinking?

I wonder if a censorship-free society could even function. I would hope that it would, and wonderfully too, but that's probably naive.
Freedom is more of an idea than a literal experience for us. The net was quite a free place prior to the government deciding that we should all be afraid of the "terrorist" boogeymen. They used fear as a tool to implement huge sweeping controls, monitors, and restrictions to true freedom with almost no oversight, designing it in such a way that they can go after anyone who dares to oppose to shut them up on the grounds of "national security". It's really depressing. Even more so because the same exact tactics are being used to take away our access to weapons which could in theory allow us to take back control from an out of control government. Point to a tragedy, use grief as a vehicle to drive all over us with losses of freedoms and privacy --- repeat.
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