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Default Re: A bit of much needed honesty today!

Bo..I have to have my vehicle checked for emmissions and mechanical defects every year,in addition to registration.That amounts to over 120 bucks.

The engine light usually comes on if you have a defective oxygen sensor,or just a lose wire,I'm glad you met an honest machanic.Here is Staten Island,the're like hens teeth.My usual guy,retired,and sold the business to a thief.The standard labor charge in NY city is 85 dollars and hour.

Mechanics in NY state,are required to give you back your old/defective parts when they complete the work,should you ask for them,as proof,that they actually replaced the part.

This thief,had a small dumpster in the back of the shop,where he stored some replaced parts,so if some one asked for them back,he could just dig something out.

Often times,you may not need a new battery or starter or alternator or fuel pump.Lots of times it's just a lose wire.This guy was just spray painting the part,while it was still in the car,connecting the lose wire,and charging you for a new 2 hours labor.

Not a bad profit.It cost about 2.75 for a can of paint,and about 10 minutes to clean and paint the old part.

Steve B

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