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Default Have Hardcase UK changed their cases?

I just received a new Hardcase (the brand) hardware case.

It's the 28" length case which is replacing my 40" case now that I've got lighter hardware.

I had enquired directly with Hardcase and they confirmed that the build specifications on the smaller case are the same as on the larger ones (thicknes, wheels, straps...).

However, my new case seems to be quite a bit more "bendy" than my previous case. The sides and top on the Hardcases always did flex a little if you applied enough pressure which is just fine. They need to be able to absorb knocks after all. But my new case is so supple in areas that I'm wondering if Hardcase have reduced the thickness of their cases.

Before ordering, I borrowed the same case from a freind to try it out and weigh it.
It appears that there's a noticable difference in weight between the two although they're identical models. Is this normal for Hardcase? Has anyone noticed any kind of irregularity across the Hardcase line? Do I need to worry?
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