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Default Re: Chuck Silverman here!

Greetings to the Drummerworld forum and all the members, especially the ones who are on the CS topic.

Chuck, I have came to a "wall" with my drumming. My path was to concieve MY BAND which was very artistic, yes we were exploring progressive/art rock territories. But, the door wasn't opening for us. And to be sincere, we weren't realistic and organised. I have put my time, energy and drive in that band - and know I am very frustrated, drained and still recovering from "I can't believe I was like that - dreaming, being unrealistic." and also "I can't believe I opened my heart and soul to bandmates who didn't care for me/us as human beings who wanted to be more than musicians."
So, know I have seen my dream being shattered. And I don't know what to do.
When I started to play in bands, it was all about playing any kind of music but as the years went by, I realized that I wanted my OWN band. I was at peace with this kind of decision. Unfortunately, in Croatia (well, also in any part of the world) condeming yourself to JUST ONE BAND - is a death sentence. And I think I went that road. Now, I don't know what to do? Everyone who I know who is playing tells me "Take a break, and rethink about what do you still love about playing drums and which doors were not meant for you not go in to."

Being from a MUSICAL FAMILY (my dad - bass player, my cousins - bass players&keyboard players etc.) I know that playing music and playing drums is in my blood. It would be a sin to let that kind of gift - just drain out. In reality drums are not in forefront of my life, they are in the background but always present. If I could only balance it with my other duties in life - I believe that doors WOULD START OPENING.

In conclusion. What to do when a drummer hits a creative "wall" and a blockade in his mind/heart/soul and is very dissatisfied with any future musical engagements? Should he stop and sell his drums - and say to himself "I guees it wasn't meant for me to do this, maybe there was no blessing in that." Should I contact some successful drummers for advice who would give me an "eye opener"? If in some way you could help me, please do.

God bless your existence and your drumming, Chuck.

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