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Default Re: A bit of much needed honesty today!

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Here in the States, or at least California anyway, our vehicles have to pass a smog test to make sure the car isn't putting more pollutants into the air than is allowable. The car needs to be tested every other year in order to register it and be legal to drive.

A few weeks ago my "check engine" light comes on and won't turn off, and I've been mentally preparing myself for the coming $500 or so repair bill that always comes with these repairs that result from no visible damage (it's like paying for an intangible). One local place couldn't figure it out and told me to keep driving it until something really broke.

I took it to a guy who's closer to me (so I can walk home) and let him work on it. Two hours later he calls me back and says to come get the car and he'll fill me in when I get there. I prepare to have my American Express cards at the ready.

He tells me he won't take any money because it was simple sensor connection that came loose. It wasn't right to charge me. He even told me stories of the place I originally went to who couldn't figure it out. What a nice guy. So I asked him what kind of beer he likes. So I'm off to go get him a case of Coronas.

Today is a great day ;)
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