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Default Re: Does anyone have this Gibraltar throne?

Well, I just got this throne base and the first thing I did was weigh it.

It weighs 3120g, that's 620g lighter than the double braced version!

In every other aspect it looks almost identical to the double braced one. Even the spindle appears to be the same length. I really didn't think that there would be such a big difference in weight between the two. All the better I suppose. I reckon Gibraltar must have saved some weight on other parts besides the legs but it's not obvious where.

Anyway, it's still a good, solid throne base, typical Gibraltar. Also, it takes up less space in my hardware case which means I can now fit everything into my new, smaller case.

I'm rather glad to put a conclusive end to this thread. Drum throne base discussions really aren't very exciting are they? But, if it helped just one person, I suppose it might have been worthwhile.

The quest for lighter hardware continues...
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