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Default Re: drum dial or tama tension watch

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Not to derail your thread, but someone must explain to me what these devices do. I've never had a mechanical device that helps me tune my drums. I just experimented and learned along the way and can do it mostly blind (and deaf) these days. Is there a great difficulty in being able to keep the tension even on the drum head while tightening and lowering it? That's basically all you're doing when you "tune" a drum. I'm failing to see how a mechanical device makes this process easier.

(and I'm really not being sarcastic).
The Drum Dial is a device that measures the deflection of the head. As you tighten the tension rods the deflection of the head decreases. The idea with it is to get the tension even all the way around the head. It provides a very fast way to get in the ball park with each drum and then use your ears to fine tune. It also helps you get consistent results. Both the DD and the Tama have been on the market for years and work quite well.

The Tune Bot is electronic and with a microphone in it that measures and records the resonance or frequency of head vibrations. Here again the idea is to get the head to vibrate at the same frequency all the way around the head. Although the variable measured is different (i.e. head deflection vs. frequency of vibration) the end result is essentially the same. The Tune Bot allows you to store settings for each drum, and is just a little slicker. Neither is a panacea and you must rely on your ears to achieve the sound you want from each of your drums. The most important thing to remember is no matter if you use a Drum Dial/Tama Watch, or a Tune Bot, or your ears alone, at the end of the day if your drums sound good to you then they are tuned well.
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