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Default Re: Gibraltar Stealth Rack

Received these on Friday before my Saturday night gig. I was surprised how large the tubes are. Pics online from Gibraltar don't seem to show it as much. Anyway I love these things. I spent quite some time trying to figure out what set up I wanted for my kit. I ended up going with two up to the left of the bass and two down. 12,14,16,18,24. the bass in these pics is my spare, not my gig bass ( wrong heads and no port.) this was during my mock up, I took these in a panic before the gig so I would remember where everything went. With the locks I used, it went together without any issues and in a very short time. the kit has such a clean look now with a "virgin" bass and no tripods. of course, part of the night the big dude on the left brought extra cymbals to pile around my kit but whatever, at least my bass player didn't really kick my kit.
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