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Default Re: Brave New World - Replacing the Speed King

I totally agree about beaters. I modified my Yamaha beaters and love them. Iron Cobra beaters, too, because they both have angle adjustment. But, yeah, I got a couple Boa pedals. Change the beaters and the thing is a totally different animal. All the pedals I have owned react like that. Weight and head width/length differences.

One of the things Ludwig could do is redesign their link. I remember breaking a couple when I used them. Another thing would be an easier, user friendly way to unhook the springs to remove them from the posts so you can change old, solidified grease in there. The post caps are tricky to get out and re-install.

Actually, the whole shaft/cam could be redesigned to allow for beater and footboard adjustment. It could be made into a 21st century pedal. At the very least put it on a solid base plate and put a decent bearing in the heel so the rattle stops.

The JoJo pedal. I saw a terrible review on youtube. The pedal board was so tight the guy could unhook it, hold it up and it stayed there. Manufacturing glitch, which seems strange for Sonor. Unless it's made in China like so many other pedals now.
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