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Default Re: Really Long Boom Arms?

Originally Posted by charliejuson View Post
i have tama roadpro boom stands. they have 3 parts which can be extended, it can probably reach about 5-6m high when fully extended, i just got a drum rack so i just took the bottom section (the legs) off and put it on that, they don't move an inch when you have tightened them and i think they would suit you perfectly
Hi Charlie, I've just googled the roadpro, and their nearly 18", which is much longer than the average so called long boom. I had thought that I'd need about 24" , maybe I'm not being realistic in my expectations (or I need to learn how to weld) .

Height isn't so much of an issue for me. So I must get my hands on some hardware, a measuring tape, and figure out as accurately as poss, just how much extension I need. Hopefully the roadpro will be long enough.

I see with your new rack, you are also in search of your own Hardware Heaven!

Many thanks!
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