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Default Re: Really Long Boom Arms?

Originally Posted by opentune View Post
Not sure of your setup but you must be really extending your cymbals upward, or way over from the stand. Either of those could make for an unsteady situation.

IF lookign to save $$ at the same time I think you may be able to find some older cymbal stands, say from the 80's, have the extension you are looking for. I had some Dixons and Pearls once that were way long.

Thing is, if you are looking to simplify your setup so as to carry less weight in hardware, cymbals stands with long boom arms (and broader bases), will weigh more, thus not helping the weight issue. It may be easier (weight wise) to carry long separate cymbal stands.
Hi Louis, I should have been up front about my kit being edrums, but thought I might be stoned to death! I'm retired and live in an apartment in Tenerife, so I'm getting Yamaha DTX stuff, A drums are out. I'm guessing that the Yam cymbals pads are light enough to fly them out and still be secure.

I take your advise on the weight issue, if they were 'real' cymbals I'd have no choice. I never thought about the oldies, I'll look into the classic stand scene and see what's available.

It's a shame I couldn't post the pic (its worth a thousand words!) from my desktop. I found the URL it's on Yamaha DTX Facebook, but there are far too many other images for anyone to wade through.

Many thanks, Steve
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