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Default Really Long Boom Arms?

I'm trying to simplify my cymbal stands to 2 stands, each supporting a tom and a cymbal. My problem is that none of the boom arms offer enough length to give me the flexibility that I need, for positioning the cymbals where I would like them.

I saw this pic of 'Praire Prince' on tour with Todd Rundgen, he seems to have super long boom arms. And just what I need. I've searched online with many manufactures, few bother to say how long their boom arms are, and those that do are too short for my needs.

I just failed to upload the pic from my desktop, apparently to load an image I need to provide a URL, which at present is beyond my pc skills. Later I'll visit the site where I found the image and see if their URL is apparent.

So I hoping that someone knows who markets boom arms that are really long, maybe 24 or 30 inches!

Many thanks . . . . . . . .
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