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Default Re: Brave New World - Replacing the Speed King

I didn't notice it being mentioned (sorry if I missed it) but I experienced a huge difference between the compression springs of the Speed King all those years, and expansion springs of almost all other pedals out there when I moved on. I always felt like I was wrestling with expansion spring systems; thinking as much about playing the pedal as playing the drum. The DW 9000 is the nicest I've put my foot on. But it still has that mechanical tugging back into place feel, smooth as it is.

The Trick has compression spring action. Different animal than the SK, though.

The SK is also a centered design. Not many pedals employ that anymore and for me it does make a difference for energy transfer.

I like the thought above about trying pedals and one will choose YOU. The Drumnetics certainly chose me. Magnets. Incredible action.

I have thought Ludwig would have revamped aspects of the SK and made it much better. I heard they sell around 800 units a year. I guess that isn't enough for $$ R&D. And maybe too many players would be upset if they changed things.
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