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Default Re: Studio Set Up With A TD-4K2

Here is how I set up the TD-4: I use the midi out and send toms 1, 2, 3, kick, snare, hi-hat, and ride out midi fo the TD-4. Having the bell as well as the ride ping and crash (using a CY-15r pad) uses the ride connection and aux 2 connection on the TD-4, so that uses all the inputs.

Then I take the other 2 cymbals I have (cy-8 pads) the 4th tom, and a percussion pad, and send them to the alesis, which uses the USB like midi.

Now in cubase I can either assign one instance of addictive drums to trigger from both the alesis and td-4, or open 2 instances of addictive drums and have them separate. This is better because then it is easier to map the sounds in. And I can add on more toms,cymbals, etc

On the various drum tracks in cubase then I can assign things like compressors, equalizers, etc, that run on the UAD-2 card. I also create a submix in my soundcard and send it to an outboard reverb unit (lexicon 400). So then I can master onto a number of individual dry and processed tracks, and mix down differently for different sounds. still experiementing.

The latency is good enough that I don't feel a delay. Currently I have to run 14ms on the EMU-1616 soundcard to keep from getting noice, clicks, and sampling problems, but that isnt too bad. So I can play the kit live and have no noticeable latency or triggering. Hope this helps.
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