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Default Re: Show off your TAMA !

Here's my Tama kit.

i bought them new back early 2000's. after a decade, the inside hardware had rusted and looked awful. so for the past few months, ive been working on them, taking everything apart, sanding the insides and clear coated them. i dropped all the screws in vinegar to remove the rust (30mins), cleaned them off (raw metal) and painted them flat black. On the kick, i made a top tom mount plate cover (painted gloss black to match the drum) and swapped the stupid stock accu-tune hoop (Evans head wouldnt fit in them) for some tama birch hoops, 6 inch tension rods and i believe the claws are gretsch. For the heads, i used clear G2s over clear G1's on the toms, EMAD 2 and stock Tama reso for the kick, and a coated G1 over Tama hazy 300 on a 13"x7" Artwood snare.
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