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Default Re: How did Keith Moon play?

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Love live Who clips! Keith covers a fair range there too.

Funny thing, the talk of Moonie's looseness. If he wanted to play tightly he'd probably be reduced to simplifying a great deal, in which case I imagine he wouldn't bother and find something else to do.
The funny is, for a guy known for being loose and not always with great time, he was the first guy to play with a pre-recorded sequencer on stage, and hand no problem doing so.

- there's the famous anecdote about him not touching a kit in years and having to re-learn for the Who Are You sessions.
Yes, much to the rest of the bands frustration. They ended up recording "The Music Must Change" without Keith over this.

A key thing is that his volume is way lower in the mix than is usual today, especially the kicks and snare. It's a different way of playing.
Very true.
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