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Default Re: So I got a 28 inch BD.. Now for the heads..

Do you just like the look of the FIberskin? My favorite kick is a 24x14. I too like that big open boomy sound. I use a coated PS3 on the batter wide open and an Aquarian Modern VIntage on the reso with about a 2" felt strip for muffling. Sounds just wonderful.

Looks like it comes in a 28" also.

I also have a friend that loves 28" kicks, he'll probably comment in this thread eventually. He is a big fan of the Aquarian Superkick II. When I played with a pipe band the bass drum was a 28" with SK2s on both heads. Sounded huuuge. I got to play it once and the low end out of that thing was really something.

IIRC, the Superkick only comes in a single ply for coated options. That'd be the SK3.
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