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Default Re: High End Hat Stands....Godsend or Gimmick?

Ok. So, I'm getting that people are keen to abruptly stop short of throwing around the word "gimmick".....but yet precious few respondents (and precious few appears to be incredibly generous too) actually feel that features like inter-changeable cams, Gucci glides and chain lengthening/shortening doo-dahs on a humble hat stand in any way enhance the functionality or playability of the thing.

Although, by this definition......

gim·mick [gim-ik]

5. to equip or embellish with unnecessary features, especially in order to increase salability, acceptance, etc.

......I'm not sure I'm too far off the mark.

But anyway, the word "gimmick" aside......I'm still getting many of these things are equipped with features that so very few actually desire, need or indeed use, in order to close the top cymbal a whole inch (or less) to the bottom cymbal.

Dare I throw around the term "over engineered" instead? :-)
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