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Default Re: Physical fitness?

I think fitness is key to happy drumming...and a happy life. Our instrument is very physically demanding and can really punish the body...especially on those long gigs, hauling a ton of gear into narrow spaces, setting up, playing, tearing down...

I've been into weight training since age 14 (35 now) and usually stay fit, but have struggled with an extra 20 lbs. or so, for the last few years. Hope it's gone soon - 3-4 cardio workouts per week and 1-2 trips to the gym for weight training. I've overhauled my diet to cut out refined sugars and other junk that works against my me. Fresh foods, lots of water, etc.

It has a noticeable impact! I can keep up with the hardest and heaviest music, when needed, and I'm always energetic.
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