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Default Re: Double Pedal Bag?

Originally Posted by Road Bull View Post
I have to say, I am somewhat surprised that some drum bag/case company has not capitalized on our lazy needs. How hard would it be to design a case that looks like half a pie with the two pedals angled outward like they would be when set up, and be able to keep the double pedal as one solid unit.

Sure it's is not a cute little rectangle or square, but given all the choices out there today, if I saw a more oddly shaped case that would allow me to open the top, pull the pedal out, attach it to the bass drum and be ready to play...

... I would buy it in a heartbeat. BOOM!

And all the other bass pedal manufactures would have to come up with their own damn version pretty quickly. Why would anyone want to take beaters off, take off the connecting rod again, again, and again when they could leave it set up as a unit. Also you would be less likely to strip those tiny lug bolts and other moving parts by keeping it together instead of slowly grinding them over the years through set up and tear down.

It just makes sense.
I created a thread a while back titled " gear I wish they woud bulid". This would fit in that perfectly. I have already contacted Gibraltar about making telescoping legs for their racks. They got back to me with some BS like " ya, that sounds like a good idea". I was like, YES I KNOW!, now go forth and build me one....:) It's only a matter of time until a company DOES build a decent pedal case. One that doesn't require a field stripping of your pedals....Maybe I'll call that dude from Gibraltar again.
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