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Default Re: How did Keith Moon play?

Originally Posted by WhoIsTony? View Post
so you are suggesting that Moonies drumming was not an ENORMOUS piece within the puzzle that was the Whos sound?

Moon was an absolute force of nature who just happened to have a drum kit in front of him

I absolutely love the them!!!.......but without Moonie they are pure shit

his playing was extremely important to the sound of the band

he was the glue....and it is painfully obvious on the post Moon records
See, I just don't really get it with The Who... Like I said, they weren't part of my generation (pardon the pun).

I can see why they were popular, and yeah, Moon was a beast behind the drums, not saying that, but if anyone did that these days, they'd probably get slated for their playing by everyone on this forum.

Give anyone a bag full of Es and put them behind a drum kit and i'm sure Good ol' Moonie will reappear ;-)
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