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Originally Posted by porter View Post
Unless Evans has secretly rolled them out recently, all of their bass drum heads still use the old collar design.

I never had problems seating Remos (or Aquarians for that matter, which have comparable collar technology) but I do agree with others' statements about their ease of tuning (which I also had with Aquarian) and the lowness of the tone that one can get (couldn't really find with Aquarian). I use clear G1s through G14s right now (switching to G12s sometime) and the depths to which my drums can go is really something else (which I experienced also with the G14s on my last kit), and complements the stave construction well.

Agreed on the Remo v Evans comparison. I still use Remo exclusively for my snare because I haven't found any Evans that can match the sweetness of tone I hear (plus, I dislike the Evans logo and much prefer Remo's).

I'd guess the brightness is due to the Generas having the clear film rather than the semi-hazy film of G1s and Ambassadors, which Ben (evansspecialist) says produces more high frequences. I think that is the case, given my experience with them.
yes up to 20 inch- I must have got the "180" on the bass drum heads .......
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