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Originally Posted by jspitza View Post
Due to the impatience of my youth I'm blessed with a weak lower back which makes for a lot of fun when changing the bass drum heads. The fit is SO good that I can change the BD heads in place and not have to worry about uneven fit or tension.
Unless Evans has secretly rolled them out recently, all of their bass drum heads still use the old collar design.

I never had problems seating Remos (or Aquarians for that matter, which have comparable collar technology) but I do agree with others' statements about their ease of tuning (which I also had with Aquarian) and the lowness of the tone that one can get (couldn't really find with Aquarian). I use clear G1s through G14s right now (switching to G12s sometime) and the depths to which my drums can go is really something else (which I experienced also with the G14s on my last kit), and complements the stave construction well.

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Level 360 notwithstanding, I find Evans heads to have a little more attack than Remo, a little brighter, at the slight expense of warmth. Remos sound just a little bit warmer to me. Right now I have clear ambs over a clear genera resonant head. My drum is a bit brighter than if I had a clear amb as a reso. So I like that between both brands, you can mix, or not, and they provide what the other lacks. Not that either head is truly lacking. You know what I mean.
Agreed on the Remo v Evans comparison. I still use Remo exclusively for my snare because I haven't found any Evans that can match the sweetness of tone I hear (plus, I dislike the Evans logo and much prefer Remo's).

I'd guess the brightness is due to the Generas having the clear film rather than the semi-hazy film of G1s and Ambassadors, which Ben (evansspecialist) says produces more high frequences. I think that is the case, given my experience with them.
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