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Default Re: 10 things you may not know about Charlie

To be fair on Charlie, who I understand is a peaceful soul, the time he punched out Mick Jagger was the same time he was having a mid life crisis and he was drunk at the time.

He also came 22nd in GQ's 50 Best-Dressed Men in Britain 2012 list.

He's also listed in Wikipedia under its hi hat entry, which seems odd:

"Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones uses a technique in which he does not play the hi-hat in unison with the snare drum at all. If playing a standard 8th note pattern, he will play the hi-hat on 1 and 3 and not playing it on 2 and 4 where the snare drum is played."

I think it's trying to say he does not play the hats on the 2 and 4 in unison with the backbeat. The way it's written makes him sound like he's pounding out quarter notes like Meg :)


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