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Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Level 360 notwithstanding, I find Evans heads to have a little more attack than Remo, a little brighter, at the slight expense of warmth. Remos sound just a little bit warmer to me.
Hmmm. Really? That is interesting to me. I find just the opposite to be true. I've compared my own drums using both brands and found the Evans to be warmer with less attack and the Remo's to be brighter with more attack. This seems to be true when I watch youtube videos that compare them as well, at least the specific ones I've watched. I'd be very interested to see what others think too.

I just bought some G1 360s top and bottom for my home kit and they're quite warm sounding compared to the Ambassadors I had on them. In the past, my Remo Emperors had a brightness I did not hear in my G2s. Maybe it's the drums and not the heads so much? I don't know. (I'm not trying to start a fight or trying to derail this thread. All our ears are different. There's no right or wrong answer. I'm just curious how others hear them too).
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