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I've been using Evans for at least 15 years. With that, you'd think I'm going to be incredibly fanatical and biased about any "groundbreaking" changes they've made to the product.

I just reheaded my toms from "original" G2 clears to Level 360 G2 clears.

Honestly, I can agree that the heads seem to seat quite easily. If the claim is "easier" then I don't think I can proclaim that. My toms have dual cut 45 degree edges so seating was never that difficult to begin with. I've never once had an Evans head I had to wobble or use excessive force on to get it around the bearing edge of a drum.

Despite the ease with which these heads are supposed to mount, I still used the "tighten, push down on the head, retighten" method. While pushing on the heads, there may or may not have been less of the crinkling and crackling sound from the head pulling in the adhesive. When turning the tension rods though, there was definitely less of that. Tuning low was easy from the get go. To get pure tones at higher tensions still required the head to sit overnight.

Overall, my impression is that theres nothing about the Level 360 "technology" I can say is a bad thing, but I question how much of a "thing" it is in the first place.

I do still have first-gen black resonants on the toms so maybe when I swap those out I'll do an A/B video.
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